The Beginning

Love18 Chocolates is a story of love, perseverance, and inspiration. A story of two young, passionate individuals, Aileen and Eddie, who came together to fulfill their dream of creating a world-class chocolatier brand. They get to know each others in Oct 2003, and start the Love18 chocolates together in Sep 2013, 8 years after their marriage. The name Love18 was chosen as a reminder of the love they shared and the journey they embarked on together.

In 2013, Aileen and Eddie started their chocolatier business from their garage in Puchong, Selangor, experimenting with various recipes and ingredients to create the perfect artisanal chocolate. Despite their limited resources and lack of experience, they were driven by their passion and determination to succeed. Their hard work and persistence paid off as their brand began to grow and their chocolates started to gain popularity in the local market.

The Chocolate Cafe

in 2016, Love18 Chocolates expanded its retail presence by opening a Chocolate Cafe in Setiawalk, Puchong. This move attracted the attention of the media and helped to grow the business, while continuing to attract more customers who love our chocolates. Our chocolate cafe offers a cozy atmosphere for customers to enjoy our premium quality, handmade chocolates, paired with a cup of coffee or tea. We strive to provide a delightful experience for all chocolate lovers, and look forward to expanding our footprint in the future.

Retail Expansion

In 2018, Love18 Chocolates continues to expand its retail presence with outlets in Mano Plus Penang, Mid Valley KL, First World Hotel of Genting, Sungai Wang KL, Nu Sentral KL, and a kiosk in KLIA Airport. These new locations provide easy access for customers to enjoy our premium handmade chocolates. Our continued growth has attracted media attention and new customers who love our unique chocolates. We remain committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and maintaining our dedication to freshness and exceptional taste.

International Chocolate Award Winners

During 2019, Love18 Chocolates has become the first Malaysian chocolate brand to win the prestigious International Chocolate Awards competition in both Taiwan and Europe. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to using only the finest quality ingredients and our dedication to crafting chocolates with purpose. We are honored to have been selected for this award and will continue to innovate and create chocolates that inspire and delight chocolate lovers around the world.

E-Commerce Transformation

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Love18 Chocolates faced a difficult decision: shut down or pivot to e-commerce. With great effort, they made the switch and it paid off. Their high-quality, handmade chocolates were in high demand, and they sold over 750,000 boxes online, becoming the most successful online artisan chocolate brand in Malaysia. Despite the challenges, they were able to thrive and bring joy to chocolate lovers during a difficult time.


In Y2021, Aileen, the co-founder of Love18 Chocolates, passed away due to cancer, leaving Eddie devastated and lost. Eddie found it difficult to move forward, and he was struggling to find direction. With the help of friends and family, Eddie returned to Love18 Chocolates to rebuild the brand with a new purpose and greater love. Although Aileen was gone, Eddie wanted to honor her legacy and continue to spread the love that had initially brought them together. Despite the immense loss, Eddie was determined to keep Love18 Chocolates thriving. Love18 Chocolates celebrated its 10th anniversary and underwent a major rebranding exercise. The team saw it as an opportunity to refine the purpose of the brand and its value to the community. After the pandemic hit, they realized the importance of connecting with their customers beyond just selling chocolates. They wanted to create a community and purpose that make greater positive changes to the society with love and passion.

"When life throws you a curveball, find strength in love and purpose. Let it fuel your passion and determination to overcome any obstacle and create something that truly makes a difference." - Eddie & Aileen with Love